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Biological Products

Savant provided project management services to modify the existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to support the introduction of a new warehousing facility. Business processes were re-engineered based upon new warehousing designs, the introduction of virtual material segregation, and the consolidation of business functions. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were revised to support new business processes and the associated contingencies.

Savant coordinated the development of supporting software utilizing radio frequency barcode displays as part of this effort. In addition, Savant coordinated the development and execution of unit and integration tests for all new configuration and transactions. This entire design process was done in a “validated” and “regulated” environment, requiring appropriate change control documentation and process.


HealthCare Division
(formally known as “Pharmaceuticals”)

Savant provided program management, global integration, and detailed project management for a large scale enterprise resource planning system deployment. Savant’s role was to work from the user perspective to ensure that user requirements were satisfied by the design and configuration of the system. Savant developed business process maps of current and future processes as input to the design team. We participated in system testing and in the development and delivery of training materials.


Performance Development Group

Savant developed web-delivered on-line training courses used to instruct end users in the proper operation of their enterprise resource planning software to perform warehousing, capital project management, and requisitioning transactions. Savant worked with subject matter experts to develop and storyboard courses and delivered screen viewable, voice narrated, animated course materials.

Good Samaritan Society

Enhancing Communication and Distance Education

The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the largest not-for-profit long-term healthcare provider in the United States, today announced that it replaced the Arel computers in its satellite-based Distance Learning Network with the new interactive Communication And Distance Education (CADE) system from Savant. CADE reduces cost and provides improved audio, video, and data interactivity over the Internet. The Distance Learning Network delivers over 200 interactive skills training, Continuing Education Unit (CEU), and degree completion programs to broad range of long-term healthcare professionals. It also provides senior management with an interactive corporate communication tool to reach its 21,000 employees across the country.

"Cost is a major factor for long-term healthcare companies," said Sonia Bury, Director of Learning Services. "The cost of the CADE system was far less than what we were paying for annual maintenance alone! It doesn't require special hardware so it can be loaded on our existing PCs and since students talk live over the Internet, it let us get rid of the required telephone line. We have small centers where a nurse might participate at a computer and large centers where learners use wireless remote controls in a classroom to interact with the instructor. In addition to live programs, we also broadcast pre-recorded courses. CADE runs unattended with pre-recorded programs and issues questions just as if it were live. While learners can't talk on-air we still take attendance, collect student responses, and allow them to record audio questions to the instructor. They can hear the answer later by just logging on to the CADE Learning Management Web."

Johnson Controls

Automotive Seating Group

The Johnson Controls seating group manufactures seats for automobiles and trucks. These seats are assembled and delivered to the automobile manufacturer in a just in time process.

Savant designed, developed, and implemented a manufacturing assembly control system using object oriented design and development techniques. The solution handled the receipt of requests from the auto maker through to the assembly of the seats, and the loading of those seats into local distribution trucks. The solution included the ability to create assembly recipes that identified the proper assembly steps. These recipes were used to provide signals to programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that in turn interfaced with “pick lights” and counted bolt insertion and torque. The solution included the placement of barcode labels, scanners, and SCADA terminals on the manufacturing floor.

Johnson Controls

Controls Group

Johnson Controls is one of the largest manufacturers of building heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. They maintain a fleet of service vehicles to maintain their installed systems.

Savant assisted the Controls Group in a business process reengineering effort targeted at improving the efficiency of the service organization by minimizing the number of visits a service provider was required to make to complete a service call. This effort was achieved by combining a redesign of their business processes, roles and responsibilities along with the analysis and introduction of new service management software.

Our efforts also included the creation of a Shared Knowledge Base used to provide a central, searchable repository of critical business information used within the Controls Group.

Kaiser Permanente

Building a Centralized Prescription Services Call Center

Kaiser Permanente has successfully rolled out a 168-seat call center using ASSIST, effectively centralizing prescription services for Kaiser’s Northern California Service Area.

Kaiser’s Call Center (in Livermore, California) supports 114 pharmacies and all 2 ½ million members of Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Division and utilizes innovative, leading edge technologies, including the ASSIST Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) software to serve their membership base. The ASSIST CTI provided the automation to help the call center agents meet their objectives:

Improve Responsiveness to Members

· Reduce waiting time: in queue, on hold, or for an answer
· Enable a more knowledgeable staff
· Eliminate “anonymous” transfers

Enhance Efficiency

· Simplify and automate manual procedures
· Provide improved tools for measuring, managing and assisting agents
· Automate repetitive, non-complex tasks

UCSF-Medical Center

Extraordinary Services at a Leading Medical Facility

The San Francisco Ambulatory Services Department of UCSF has completed the roll-out a Call Center supporting a 100-physician, 40,000-visits-per-year general medicine practice on the University’s main campus utilizing ASSIST software. UCSF has also completed the roll-out of their Pediatrics Clinics and has begun adding other specialty practices to the call center.

ASSIST unified the activities of the other call center technologies while supporting the agents' job by performing routine tasks automatically or upon command. These tasks are as simple as sending an action message to the patient’s health care provider or as complex as the retrieval of specific patient information from the UCSF database, formatted specifically for agent and provider use.

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