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CADE eTutor and Moodle

eTutor has been integrated into Moodle as a series of building blocks so course developers and instructor can take advantage of the ability to deliver live, interactive sessions. 

Assignments, Courses, and schedules are created and maintained using standard Moodle course building tools.  That information is then used by the instructor to give an eTutor session, and by the students viewing it.  The eTutor Building Blocks provide the following capabilities:

  • Transfer Moodle Data to the CADE database
  • Create and Maintain an eTutor Instructor's Guide
    • On-line course script and notes
    • Storage of course materials, slides, graphics, etc.
    • Automated delivery of electronic media on cue
    • Hard copy script
  • Give an eTutor Session as an instructor, assistant, or presenter
  • Join an eTutor Session as a student 
  • Import eTutor results into Moodle's grading database
  • Access eTutor help and computer animations

All the capabilities and features of eTutor are available giving Moodle  users the advantage of being able to deliver both synchronous and asynchronous courses to their students.

Click here for a more in-depth understand of eTutor's capabilities. Or visit Moodle for more information on their open source Course Management Software.

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