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The Need for Training and Communication

The cornerstone of a competitive organization is its highly trained workforce. In today’s market, product life-cycles are shorter, more complex. The available time for training is greatly reduced. Many companies are downsizing and the responsibilities of those that remain are increased, jobs are consolidated.  Corporate communication and training needs have never been more important... Time becomes one of the most limited resources.  Regardless of the industry, many of these issues are very much the same:

  • High cost and increased difficulty of travel
  • Inability to reach all employees anywhere, anytime
  • High cost of training, continuing education 
  • Lack of qualified instructors or presenters
  • Time it takes to get a message to all employees
  • Expensive to develop effective training and communication programs 
  • Loss of productivity when employees take off work for travel, training, or meetings
  • Difficulty in transferring knowledge throughout the organization

Savant is proud to introduce a system that can make these issues disappear, CADE. 

CADE: Communication And Distance Education

The interactive CADE system is used to deliver consistent, quality training to widely dispersed classrooms of employees and enables enterprise communications to stakeholders internal and external to the organization. 

CADE combines the best distance learning technologies into a blended solution addressing program development and delivery, curriculum management, registration and accounting, and support. CADE operates in a live video broadcast environment using satellite, teleconferencing, or streaming video as well as web-based training (WBT), classroom, on-line, or paper based courses.  

Wide Variety of Delivery Options

CADE was designed to support more methods of delivery than any other communications or training system

  • Interactive Satellite (live & recorded)
  • Interactive web delivery (live & recorded)
  • Web conferencing  (live & recorded)
  • Web Based Training (SCORM)
  • Pre/Post Testing
  • Classroom
  • Workshops, In-Services
  • Paper Based Courses
  • Track Outside Training Events 

Wide Variety of Business Solutions

CADE facilitates audio, video, and data communications that can be used for such diverse, interactive applications as:

  • Corporate Communication
  • Training and Education
  • New product or process introduction
  • Internal marketing surveys with immediate feedback
  • Improving the “touch” with remote offices or plants
  • Vendor-sponsored presentations
  • Inviting customers to local sites for special presentations
  • Extracting hidden "knowledge assets" within your workforce
  • Facilitating knowledge transfer

Please explore the links on this site to find out how CADE can help with your company's communication and training needs.

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