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The CADE System

The Communications And Distance Education (CADE) system is designed to facilitate live, interactive programs over a satellite, Internet, or streaming video network as well as capture those programs for later playback.

Interactive Satellite Delivery

During an interactive broadcast, the instructor or presenter can ask multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, numeric, and multiple selection questions and participants can respond with either wireless remote controls in a classroom setting or through a personal computer.  The PC at each remote location collects participant responses from the wireless remotes and transmits them back to the presenter over an intranet or Internet connection.  Participants may also speak with the presenter, using voice over IP, PBX, or standard telephone line, and everyone in the broadcast can listen to that conversation.  

Interactive Web Delivery 

With CADE eTutor, interactive training and communication programs can be delivered over the Internet/Intranet.  It provides the same capabilities of the satellite delivery system, as well as a few extra features, in a desktop version using highly compressed audio and video over IP.

eTutor has also been integrated with the Blackboard™ Academic Suite so Blackboard users can take advantage of of being able to offer live, interactive courses and sessions in addition to their synchronous training.

Capture All Interaction

Participant responses are captured, time-stamped, and stored in a web-based learning management system.  In addition to capturing the satellite based information, the CADE system also supports web based training, classroom, paper based, and is fully SCORM compliant.  All data in the CADE system is created, managed, and accessed through this web-based portal to the database.

CADE System Components

The CADE system is comprised of a number of software applications.  These applications include:

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