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CADE for Long-Term Healthcare

Savant has entered into a distribution agreement with the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society to deliver interactive distance learning courses to other long-term healthcare organizations through their Distance Learning Network (DLN).

The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society

Savant has been a partner of the Good Samaritan Society in the development of its interactive distance learning satellite network from its inception in 1998.  The Distance Learning Network now broadcasts long-term care training of over 12 hours a day to its 240 centers across throughout the United States.  Savant, the Good Samaritan Society and Bowden Productions have joined together to bring this high quality, interactive distance learning system to other long-term healthcare organizations.

Learning Situation in Long-Term Healthcare

The Good Samaritan Society was facing serious problems in training its workforce:

  • High turnover rates, particularly CNAs
  • High cost of training, continuing education
  • Lack of qualified instructors
  • Difficult to reach all the people that need training
  • Lack of good training content
  • Expensive to develop training programs
  • Difficult for people to take off work for training

It has made tremendous progress in the past few years in addressing these obstacles through the development and implementation of the Distance Learning Network.  It expects even more positive results in the future.

Invitation to Participate

If your long-term healthcare organization is feeling the pressure of increasing government regulations, rapid turnover of staff, high cost of training new personnel, or poor quality training programs, consider partnering with the Savant Long-Term Healthcare Network.

Add Your Content to the Network

We are actively seeking participants in the network to share training content.  If you would like to deliver your workplace and skills training courses through the network, please contact Mr. Ron Davis to discuss the various options at (925) 461-4510 or email

CADE: Healthcare Distance Learning Network

Savant and the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society (GSS) have teamed up to deliver GSS developed courses to other long-term healthcare providers.

PDF File, 83k

CADE: Applications in Healthcare

The CADE product suite can prove to be a valuable asset in the training of healthcare staff. Learn more about how CADE can be used to address the training of healthcare professionals;

PDF File, 83k

CADE: Healthcare Presentation

This presentation will provide an overview of the Healthcare Distance Learning Network and Savant's partnership with the Evangelical Good Samaritan Society.


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