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CADE eTutor and Blackboard™

For users of the Blackboard™ Academic Suite, eTutor has been integrated into Blackboard™ as a series of Building Blocks so course developers and instructors can take advantage of the ability to deliver a live, interactive session.

Courses, assessments, and schedules are created and maintained in Blackboard™ using the normal Blackboard™ functions.  That information is then used by the instructor to give an eTutor session and by the students participating in that session.  The eTutor Building Blocks provide the following capabilities:

  • Transfer Blackboard™ Data to the CADE database
  • Create and Maintain an eTutor Instructor's Guide
    • On-line course script and notes
    • Storage of course materials, slides, graphics, etc.
    • Automated delivery of electronic media on cue
    • Hard copy script
  • Give an eTutor Session as an instructor, assistant, or presenter
  • Join an eTutor Session as a student 
  • Import eTutor results into the Blackboard™ Gradebook
  • Access eTutor help and computer animations

All the capabilities and features of eTutor are available giving Blackboard™ users the advantage of being able to deliver both synchronous and asynchronous courses to their students.

Feel free to explore the links on eTutor for a more in-depth understanding of it's capabilities.

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