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CADE in Aviation

English Language Training for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

We are working closely with Barringer Consultants to bring live, interactive English language training to pilots and air traffic controllers all over the world.  Barringer provides an intensive multi-faceted “Spoken Language” Aviation Communications Training program, integrating specialized aviation language training with English as a Second Language (ESL) principles. This is not simply a modified English language course with a few aviation terms thrown in as taught by other organizations. Aviation Communication is fast-paced with its own phraseology and terminology. Barringer addresses pronunciation, comprehension, and linguistic factors such as ambiguity, unclear references, presuppositions, and other problematic issues that have led to many misunderstandings and aviation accidents. They highlight possible areas of miscommunication in this high risk environment to increase awareness and offer testing, certification and recurrent training to acquire and maintain language skills and proficiency to meet and exceed ICAO standards.

Live Audio and Video World-Wide with CADE eTutor

In their Aviation Communication program, Barringer uses the CADE eTutor live, interactive audio/video web delivery system to teach not only spoken skills, but listening skills as well. eTutor allows the participants to see the instructor, listen to their voice. It then gives the participants an opportunity to demonstrate their speaking and comprehension skills to the instructor as well as all other participants in the session. Sessions can be recorded and reviewed over and over again as desired. In addition to audio training and the ability to "push" rich media files to the participants, eTutor allows the instructor to issue text or audio questions and solicit spoken responses from the participants that are stored in a web-accessible database for grading and review.

All attendance, test scores, completion, recorded responses, or any other student history is maintained in the CADE Learning Management Web.  Students or administrators can access this information at any time to review previous sessions, check attendance, visit the message board, or a variety of other tasks.

Barringer Consultants and eTutor - A Unique Approach

Other organizations offer Aviation Communications Training in a distance format... But can you really learn to speak English through e-mail or web pages? How effective can this type of training be where there is little or no English speaking (or listening) capability? What about the instructors, what do they really know about flying? Our instructors and developers ARE pilots and can relate to participants with first hand knowledge and experience! Advanced communications training, using frequent spoken and listening skills, taught by experienced aviation and training professionals results in increased safety, reduced liability, increased efficiency, and lower overall total cost!

The combination of experienced instructors and live, interactive distance learning tools provides Barringer's aviation clients with additional benefits over sending pilots and ATCs to off-site training locations:

  • No travel requirements, per diems, or travel costs
  • Take training right in the workplace
  • Drastically reduced the time off work, take a little time during the workday and be back on the job
  • Deliver content in less time than a classroom course
  • Increased retention
  • Detailed tracking, reporting, and verification

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