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CADE Advantages

Interactive Distance Learning

Even though there is a lot of talk about distance education, over 90% of all formal training continues to use classroom delivery. 

The major cost driver of training is delivery. Satellite or web based, Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) provides the benefits of classroom without the large cost.  

With respect to distance learning and interactive communication, CADE is the world-class... and obvious choice.


  • Deliver to more people in less time
  • Concept to delivery time in hours or days
  • Cut classroom delivery time in half
  • Deliver to entire target population in one broadcast


  • Fewer experts needed to deliver message
  • Deliver to more people with less cost
  • Low cost to develop and deliver content
  • Incalculable cost savings: time off work, travel, per diem, etc.


  • Over 25% improvement in student retention
  • Most consistent message delivery, one voice
  • Standardized design 
  • Utilize only the most qualified instructors
  • Provides detailed tracking and reporting

For an example of the potential cost savings CADE can provide, try out our on-line Cost Comparison Worksheet.

CADE the Obvious Choice for Training and Corporate Communication

CADE is the most effective tool on the market that you can use for improving training and corporate communication.  Want to find out why?
  • Easiest to Install

No Disruption

  • Easiest to Use

Suitable for Everyone

  • Easiest to Support 

No Worries, Ever

  • Most Functional

Exceeds Your Needs

  • Fraction of the Cost

Major ROI

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The Question...

If CADE truly is easier to install, easier to use, easier to support, more functional, and a fraction of the cost of other systems... why consider any other product?  

The Competition...

The more you know about our competitors, the better you will like CADE.  Give us a call and we'll prove that CADE is head and shoulders above the others!


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