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About CADE

The core of Savant's experience in Interactive Distance Learning came into existence in 1994 with a collaborative project in interactive satellite based training between Allied-Signal, the Department of Commerce, EDS, Ford, General Motors, Hughes, Kodak, Martin-Marrietta, NIST, Texas Instruments, U.S. Air Force, and others under the auspice of the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS).  

Based on the success of this Interactive Distance Learning project, and encouraged by the project participants, Stephen Ricketts resigned his position as Vice President of Technology and founded the IDL Group and subsequently Velocedge to collaboratively develop a shared portfolio of interactive programs to be broadcast to all participating companies.  Plagued by the then vendor's hardware limitations, inadequate software support, and poor customer service, Velocedge company began the development of the Communications And Distance Education (CADE) system.  In the Summer of 2003, Savant Technology Group acquired the CADE products and employees of Velocedge.

World-Class Software Development 

Unlike companies developing software with huge programming resources or expensive programming overhead, Savant has developed its products consistent with the new generation of software development environments, Internet technologies, and software generation.  We combined our unique knowledge with world-class experts from around the world that combine such radically diverse technologies as:

  • High-volume, transaction processing via the internet
  • Streaming Audio/Video
  • Multi-media audio/video capture and storage
  • Client side, distributed application processing
  • Distributed data storage and retrieval
  • Remote PC access and control
  • Audio/Video compression
  • Object oriented programming and concepts
  • Web development with database integration
  • Text to speech generation
  • Radio frequency to PC serial communication
  • Spread spectrum, wireless communication
  • Handheld computer technologies

The result?  

One of the most functional and least expensive interactive distance learning and communication systems available today!  A system that runs on any multi-media PC without requiring special hardware.  A system that has as much or more functionality than any system in the market today.  A system that costs a fraction of what its competition charges.

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